Join the Travelling Socks Family: Become a Brand Ambassador!

Are You Ready to Travel the World in Style?

At Travelling Socks, we're all about bringing joy, color, and fun to every adventure.
Our founders' travels inspire our unique sock designs, and now we want you to be part of our journey! If you love to travel, create amazing content, and share your experiences, we have the perfect opportunity for you.

  • Free Socks

    Get your hands (or rather, feet) on our vibrant, high-quality socks.

  • Exclusive Discounts

    Share special discount codes with your followers and earn commissions on sales.

  • Be Featured

    Your content could be featured on our social media and website, giving you extra visibility.

Here's How It Works:

1. Plan Your Journey

Share your travel plans with us, including flight details and the sock models you think will be perfect for your trip. We want to ensure you're well-equipped for every step of your journey.

2. Content Creators and Influencers Welcome

Whether you're a seasoned UGC creator or an influencer with a knack for storytelling, we want to hear from you. This is your chance to collaborate with a brand that values creativity and adventure.

3. Submit Your Application

Fill out the form below. Put your travel details, the socks you think are the best fit and content ideas on the comment section. Our team will review your application and select the best ambassadors to represent Travelling Socks.

4. Set Content Goals

Once selected, you'll receive a specific number of content pieces to create. This could include photos, videos, and social media posts showcasing our socks in different travel destinations.

5. Travel and Create

Get our colorful, travel-inspired socks for your trips and create stunning content. Show the world how Travelling Socks adds a splash of fun to your adventures.

Be a TS Ambassador a travel the World!