It's not just about colorful socks.

It is all about having a special meaning from a trip you have already taken in the past or simply something you love or wish to have/do.

We want you to be happy using them, to be bold, willing to make those around you feel your positivism!


There is always a story behind each model of our brand and we are pretty sure that you will identify yourself with many, if not all of them!

All of our designs are inspired by details of our travels around the world! From sushi from the Asian continent, to avocado from Australia or the incredible wine of Portugal.

Let our designs inspire your everyday.


At Travelling Socks we strive to provide amazing quality to our customers!

200 needles machinery allows for a more detailed design and more vibrant colours, along with increased durability.

Furthermore, our socks have a final treatment with high temperatures and pressure to ensure a soft and comfortable fit, an accurate shape and size and smooth cotton finish.


After many experiences, we found the perfect material mix:

  • 89% cotton - what makes our socks feel so good on your feet
  • 8% polyester - gives durability, color maintenance and resistance to wrinkling
  • 3% lycra - allows stretchability and quick recovery of the initial shape