Custom Socks

Are you looking to have your own personalised collection?

We take care of everything for you!
We are happy to do it from design to production.

With a minimum of 60 pairs per model, you can add extra value to
your brand with a unique product, to your company or even to the
special event you are planning!

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 Magellan IP


Volkswagen Digital Solutions 


Inedit Design


New Life


Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

It is one of the most important objects from
the original oil painting called "Trou de la Serrure
Parto da Viola Bon ménage Fraise Avant-garde".
Artist: Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso
Year: 1916


Mogol Textile

Excerpts of some flowers from various tapestries.
The floral motifs are repeated throughout this drapery,
a magnificent example of the Mogol Empire,
giving it rhythm and dynamism.


UP Alentejo 


Hot Air Ballons

Socks with the design of one of the most iconic
Hot Air Balloons from UP Alentejo.
If you purchase 1 voucher for 1 person,
UP Alentejo offers you these amazing "My Flying Socks".
Try it. You will live the experience!


Landing Jobs


Socks with the Landing Jobs logo. 
'' is a candidate-driven tech careers marketplace. We’re dedicated to matchmaking great tech talent with great opportunities.
We treat our community members like people, and not just another entry on a database. You’ll always hear back from us, and you’ll always get honest feedback.
We help you do a career review before you successfully deploy your next job.''